20th February 2021

SieMatic kitchen design trends

All Create Homes comes with a quality SieMatic kitchen by Stuart Frazer as standard.* As leading kitchen suppliers and designers, SieMatic keep a close eye on current trends in the industry and look very closely at what discerning buyers really want in their kitchen spaces and homes.


All Create Homes come with a quality SieMatic kitchen by Stuart Frazer as standard.* As leading kitchen suppliers and designers, SieMatic keep a close eye on current trends in the industry and look very closely at what discerning buyers really want in their kitchen spaces and homes.

After putting together their SieMatic Trend Report, the design team carefully incorporate some of these key trends within their new designs. SieMatic can then offer kitchen interior design styles to meet a broad spectrum of lifestyles and ensure the living space is beautiful, functional and classic.

So, you can be rest assured that your Create kitchen has up to the minute style and quality that modern buyers are looking for! The quality and simple lines are timeless. Take a look at their most recent tend report below.


*Subject to individual development or house type specifications. Refer to your Sales Executive for full information.


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Walls have come down and homes opened up, as boundaries between spaces blur, kitchens borrow from the design of living rooms and use the same styles, materials and colours. This social ‘hub of the home’ will continue to develop in years to come. The kitchen is already much less dominant, and this will continue to reduce with hidden appliances, fold away units, concealed sinks and hob systems and open shelf solutions instead of wall units. The room accommodates activities for all members of the family; its design has never been more important.

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The living space grows ever more personal by omitting cupboards for shelving systems, that allow home owners to proudly showcase their carefully curated belongings, while being practical with easy access in the space.

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Ambient or background lighting, task lighting for close-up work or accent lighting to highlight special features. Lighting in a dining area is one of the most important, it should be subtle yet sparkling. Woodlands and forests inspire designs with a structural and decorative focus. Tactile and contradictory fluid forms are prominent. Using light as a form of material creates mesmerising sculptures with conducting fibres.

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Ambient or background furniture gets an unexpected make-over, through the use of unexpected details. Following on from the notion of the culinary space, including materials and forms more traditionally included in the living room, we see a future for material harmony of metal, glass, natural stone, wood and textured surfaces. Reduced, modern, but not cold.

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Indoor planters and herb gardens are reaching the kitchen, while consumers increasingly prefer to grow their own fruit and veg in allotments. The indoor air quality is becoming a priority amongst those who live in the city, as indoor air quality is often far worse than outside as pollutants are building up and recirculating, trapped by poor ventilation.

Apart from residential purifiers, plants, salt rooms, beeswax candles and bamboo charcoal offer a natural way to clean up the air at home. Nature and technology will blend to make becoming ‘Urban Farmers’ easier such as Growth LED lights. Kitchen design that allows for a nomadic, less permanent lifestyle is crucial.

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In recent years, the desire to switch off has been stronger than ever, giving rise to new attitudes towards self-care. Interiors that replicate the feeling of wellness are favoured amongst those who need a home environment that allows a tune out from the surrounding world. Dark colour palettes combined with glowing lighting create a sense of calmness and cocooning.

Time is the ultimate luxury and at the core of this trend, we crave the space and time to just breathe. Technology also takes a calming direction to appear as fluid and effortless as possible through products that only fill a single function.

Kitchen appliances with very specific purposes like water purifiers, or sparkling water makers, made for one thing, promote simplicity of use and soothe our eco-conscious minds by reducing consumption of plastic bottles. Spaces will adopt a hyper-sensorial feel, with interiors such as high-backed, oversized or plump furniture.

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A growing interest in spirituality sees more people embracing holistic wellness. In home design, we see contrasting palettes and balance between warm and muted tones. In search for a new perspective mystical and spiritual design counterbalances the chaos of everyday life. For example, the comforting use of crystals within interiors is rising due to their healing qualities.

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We will see a rise in AI being used to automate home threat detection and maybe more proactively alert us if something goes wrong. This would revolutionize the human aspect of remote video monitoring. Other key areas will be appliance diagnostics, and energy conservation. Sharing the data of homeowners with businesses will grow in smart home technology. Having your fridge order the food you need or setting the lights and preferred temperature for your arrival is what is coming. As AI develops, we eventually won’t need to manually control anything, as these devices will automatically adjust to our preferences.

The internet of things becomes ‘the internet of eyes and ears’. Most of us are already familiar with the internet of things through connected wearables, like fitness trackers but tech will soon be able to watch, listen, and keep learning from the information it consumes. This will manifest itself in more and more everyday objects with in-built cameras and visual or speech recognition technology.

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As we are attracted to the freedom and creativity that the kitchen offers, future appliances will help you learn, but also experiment in the culinary space.

Eventually the appliances will have the ability to learn habits over time and communicate with each other. The next step will be appliances with the ability to make data actionable, for example, the refrigerator could sync up with a Fitbit to make food suggestions based on health goals. Or cabinets could include touch sensors that track what food you take out. Over time, the kitchen could serve up estimates for how many calories you eat every day.

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