16th August 2022

Moving home with your pets

Top tips for looking after your pets before, during and after you move into your new home





  • Create a safe zone for your cat, with their bed, litter tray and favourite toys all put together for a few weeks before the move, so when you do, you can move them all together in one place.
  • Have a carry basket open in the house so the cat can feel familiar before the move and put in a few of their toys so they get used to it before the day.
  • Register with a local vet and update microchip details.
  • Give the new owner or tenant of your last home your new details, as cats can sometimes have the habit of returning to their old home after the move.


  • Entering a new home can be confusing for a cat. Install plug-ins which infuse pheromones into the air to make them calmer and more at home.
  • Make sure the doors are kept closed, and keep your cat in a bedroom whilst the removal company does its work.
  • Cats love routine which makes them feel secure, so make sure their feeding and play times remain exactly the same.
  • Keep cats well away from lilies as they are poisonous to them. Even a little pollen can kill.
  • Keep your cat in one room for a few days before you allow them to explore the rest of the house, once comfortable.
  • Let them explore in their own time and don’t forget to spend time with your cat. Don't worry if they hide way for a while.
  • Only when you see that your cat feels at home, should you let them outside to explore.
  • Give them plenty of time to adjust, it will be just as big a change for them as it is for you!






  • Buy a plug in pheromone infuser or collar to ensure your dog feels clam, safe and secure.
  • Stick to the same routine for play, feeds, walks and sleeps, so your dog experiences a sense of normality and feels less stressed.
  • If your dog doesn’t travel well, ask your vet for ways to manage it with anti-nausea medication if appropriate.
  • Register with a vet and get your microchip details changed.
  • If you can, walk your dog in your new area so he can get familiar with it before you move.
  • Order a new tag for your dogs collar with your new details engraved on it.



  • Consider leaving your dog with a friend or putting them in kennels for the day of the move, so your dog doesn’t get in the way .
  • If you have a long journey, make plenty of stops and leg stretches and don't leave your dog in the car if it's hot.
  • Unpack your dog's bedding, food, water and toys before you introduce him to your new home, so he will have familiar smells and things already inside the home as he enters.
  • Set up a room for the dog with his bed and toys to help him get settled whilst the removal team are working.
  • Moving can be stressful. Try to keep calm yourself. Your dog can pick up on it.
  • The new home won't immediately be relaxing for your dog, so take care not to leave doors open so he won't try to dash out.
  • Make sure your dog cannot escape from the garden by keeping gates closed at all times.
  • Be patient with your dog, and if accidents happen, don't tell him off.
  • Make sure your dog knows where he will be expected to go to the toilet and reward good toileting behaviour.


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