12th January 2024

Energy efficient new homes at The Groves, Bispham

Create Homes offers new build homes at The Groves, Bispham in Lancashire with traditional red brick façades and quality designer style... plus lots of energy-saving efficiency built in.

Beautiful homes that are good for your pocket & the planet

Find your dream home at THE GROVES, BISPHAM. Built with traditional red brick façades, providing quality designer style throughout, there is plenty of energy-saving efficiency built into every beautiful home.

The house you choose as your next home could have a significant impact on your energy bills. That’s why a new build energy efficient home at The Groves, Bispham is an excellent choice, offering plenty of ‘green’ benefits for your pocket, including a 'Smart' Hive Thermostat Mini device, electric car charging and Photovoltaic (PV) systems to capture solar energy. 

Up-to date-technologies and building materials are used in all Create Homes, so energy-efficiency is embedded in at the point of construction. Buyers often comment how much their bills have dropped after moving into a brand new Create Home, compared to bills at their previous older home. Our beautiful, energy-efficient homes at The Groves, Bispham range from 2-4 bedrooms, all offering modern enhancements, designed to save money on bills compared to older homes, whilst being beautiful to live in.

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The green benefits of your brand new Create Home at The Groves, Bispham

Home movers are increasingly choosing a new build over an older home because of the immediate benefits of the considerably lower running and maintenance costs, as well as the ability to charge energy-saving electric vehicles at the property and harness solar energy. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Create Homes' values, with each home having been designed with efficiency and modern living in mind.

New homes at The Groves, Bispham have at least a B rating, which is amongst the highest available, being in the top 4% of EPC** performance in this country*. This gives buyer peace of mind, knowing that their heating bills will be amongst the lowest possible to achieve and their homes will be warm and cosy through the winter months.


In a nutshell, your brand new Create Home:

  1. Is compliant to latest building regulations
  2. Is cheaper to run, with lower bills compared to older homes
  3. Generates 1/3rd of the carbon of older homes
  4. In the top 4% of EPC** performance in the country, rated B or above
  5. No expensive retro-fit work required
  6. The option of green mortgages 




To help cut energy bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions we provide an enhanced specification in our 'Executive Collection' homes at The Groves, Bispham:

  • Energy efficient Worcester Bosh gas boilers^ and heating systems^, tailored to each home.
  • Hive programmable 'smart' thermostat. 
  • Increased Cavity Wall Insulation.
  • Increased Argon-filled Window / Glazing specification with double-glazing as standard, which allows the heat from the sun in whilst minimising heat loss.
  • Photovoltaic (PV) to the roofs to covert energy from the sun.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system.
  • Elica Nikolatesla Alpha Vented Induction hob – Rating A.
  • Bosch Single Oven – Rating A.  
  • Low energy LED lighting^.
  • Quality wall and loft insulation.
  • Modern double-glazing to help to regulate the temperature of your home.
  • Electric car charging provision.
  • Flow restrictors on taps so water isn’t wasted.
  • Waste water heat recovery from shower, used to pre-heat incoming cold water (on selected plots only).^
  • Thermally efficient cavity & loft insulation - warm in winter & cool in summer.
  • We also consider the design & layout of our homes carefully to improve ventilation and air circulation, whilst helping to reduce condensation.

^ Subject to plot specification - speak to your Sales Executive




Enjoy the next generation of smart heating in your new Create Home at The Groves, Bispham with the Hive Thermostat Mini, a clever gadget designed to make controlling your heating easy, helping you to save money on your energy bills too.

Control the heating of your new Create Home with the new Hive Thermostat Mini, now supplied and fitted in all ‘Executive Collection’ homes at The Groves, Bispham. As well as being able to control your heating from smartphones, tablets, Apple watches & Android devices, the system works with voice control on your Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Siri Shortcuts or IFTTT. With features like instant alerts, frost protection, geolocation and holiday mode, the Hive Thermostat Mini could save you an additional £311 per year⁽¹⁾ on the heating & hot water bills in your already energy-efficient home.


Hive helps you save money by:

  1. Setting schedules to heat your home only when it is occupied
  2. Only using the heating when you need to
  3. Cutting energy use when you are away and making sure your heating and hot water is already on when you get back
  4. Frost protection ensures no expensive repair bills in freezing weather
  5. Hive products come with a 1-year standard warranty for peace of mind


Advantages of your Hive system: 

  1. Manage your heating and hot water from anywhere using the Hive App on your smart phone
  2. Switch your hot water on and off, boost or schedule it in the Hive App
  3. Find out the temperature of your home and if the heating or hot water is on, when you are not there
  4. Geolocation reminds you to switch off the heating if you’ve gone out and left it on
  5. The Boost Heat function gives you up to 6 hours of heating and hot water outside your normal schedule
  6. Holiday mode lets you manage your heating while you’re away
  7. Built-in frost protection protects your pipes in winter if the temperature drops below 7°C

You will need:

  1. Internet connection of 1.5Mbps or higher
  2. iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system
  3. Hive App download (iOS or Android)


You can upgrade your Hive system later if you:

  1. Want your upstairs warmer than your downstairs or vice versa
  2. Want to build on your system with other Hive products' such as radiator controls to add more functionality
  3. You can join Hive Heating Plus*** for an extra monthly fee and get ongoing warranty cover on your Hive system

(1) This figure is subject to change. Price quoted on the Hive website on Jan 2024.

*** HIVE EXTRAS: These can be purchased directly from Hive. Check price at time of purchase.



Energy Efficiency and new builds – read the report*

According to the Home Builders Federation ‘Watt a Save’* report on the energy efficiency of new build homes, new build homebuyers are saving over £400 million* a year in energy bills, as well as collectively reducing carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes. The average new build homebuyer saves £135* a month on energy bills, amounting to more than £1,600 a year, compared with purchasers of equivalent older properties. This saving rises to over £180 per month for purchasers of houses, rather than flats or bungalows, totalling £2,200 a year.

*As mentioned in the 'WATT A SAVE' HBF Energy report (June 23)

*Download the July 2023 Watt a Save’ report from the Home Builders Federation



Personalisation at The Groves, Bispham

Each home at The Groves, Bispham has been designed with excellence in mind using high-quality materials. Inside each home, you will find modern fitted kitchens with quality Bosch appliances, accompanied by open-plan living areas and bathrooms fitted with beautiful Vitra sanitaryware. Every home comes with ample opportunity to make it your own by choosing from a wide range of carefully sourced personalisation options, such as kitchens colours, flooring and tiles.

Read about personalisation at Create Homes

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Why not make an appointment to discuss the benefits of a new build home at The Groves, Bipham with our Sales Executives? They can explain all the energy-efficient aspects of your new home to you and run though all the options available to finish your home to your own taste.

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An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) gives a property a rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. You will receive your EPC when you buy your new home.

An EPC also contains:

  1. Information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs
  2. Recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money



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