23rd May 2023

Our Create Home: Tony & Sharon

Tony & Sharon have added splashes of vibrant colour, along with their own decorative touches, to inject a sense of fun into their personal Create Home scheme in their 4 bed Whittingham home at The Sandpipers, Longridge.


Seasoned home buyers, Tony and Sharon have loved the experience of creating show home interiors as they moved up the property ladder. Before moving to their WHITTINGHAM home at The Sandpipers with their little dog Tia, their previous older home was very big, with an extensive garden. 

The couple really enjoyed their time doing up the property, but the upkeep of the garden and house meant they had little time to relax at the weekend. Eventually, they felt it was time to downsize and find another brand-new home that would still be spacious, and most importantly, maintenance free. The couple are now really enjoying their change of lifestyle in a brand-new Whittingham home, entertaining their friends & family and spending time with their dog Tia in their beautifully landscaped garden.

+ See below how the couple have chosen to decorate and furnish their new home:

Through the keyhole at Tony & Sharon's home...


Q. How would you describe your decorative style?

We really loved the Whittingham show home decoration and its modern designer style, but wanted to personalise our home with our own unique interior touches too. Some of our furniture was brought from our last home, and some was brand new, chosen to match our neutral colour scheme. We loved the stylish look of the show home, but have used more vibrant touches here and there throughout our home, to reflect our personality and sense of fun!




Q. Your garden is WOW! How did you design your outdoor space?

Together, we have done a lot of work in the garden. As soon as we moved in, we set to work on it, so that the shrubs and trees could get established quickly. We have also used a lot of pots and pieces of zen-like garden sculpture for decoration and a relaxed, sense of calm. We can move these around to change the garden very easily. It is so easy to maintain and feels like an extra room.
The garden is our special space for relaxation. We extended the patio, making it perfect for our large outdoor furniture, with lots of space for our dog Tia to play. The artificial lawn makes the garden maintenance free and is very practical. We built a summer house too, which is fab for entertaining and office space. It looks great in the garden.



Q. How did you choose the look for your kitchen?

We love the ground floor layout so much, particularly the kitchen / family area. The Kitchen Colour Collection had already been chosen by a previous buyer, who had pulled out due to personal reasons. We love the gloss white cabinetry and light wood accents they had chosen. It suited our style perfectly. The wood-effect flooring, which flows from the hall into the kitchen, was chosen not only for style, but also for practicability because of our dog. We love how it gives warmth to the space. 
We are very sociable and enjoy having friends round. Our kitchen diner is the perfect space for entertaining and the bifold doors give us the flexibility to extend the space into the garden. 
  1. Quartz worktop & downturn
  2. Gloss finish to white cabinets
  3. Amtico flooring in Dusky Walnut



We chose a grey sofa and dining chairs and a white dining table to furnish the space, which we think goes really well with the kitchen cabinets. The modern textured rug helps us to define the low seating area by the bifold doors and breaks up the flooring a bit.


We had a bit of fun in the dining area of the room, adding an oversized clock mirror, vibrant artwork and a matching bright orange floor lamp.
We love the bifold doors from the kitchen diner, as they bring a lot more light into the room. It’s great to sit with a drink and look out and admire our hard work in the garden, watch the wildlife, or open them up to create a massive socialising space, perfect for summer parties and BBQs. We chose grey curtains to match the other soft furnishings.




Q. How did you choose to decorate your lounge?

Our lounge is very spacious, with plenty of sunlight flooding in, and is another of our favourite rooms. Our style is very modern, so we used a minimalist black & white colour scheme, with African-inspired touches in the wall art and chose silver ornaments. We installed a long floating storage unit on the lounge wall which acts as a focal point for the room, with mood lighting underneath, changing colour at the touch of a button. It feels very snug and inviting, and our dog Tia loves to sit in the window and watch the world go by as she guards our new home from her own personal doggie sofa. 



Customer homes | Create Homes
Customer homes | Create Homes

Q. How have you furnished your bedrooms?

We love the boutique, clutter free style of the show home bedrooms. We liked the padded bespoke headboards and have created our own version of the interior design, using a neutral grey and white palette, with beige carpets, and beds with padded headboards to get a similar look. We have injected pops of vibrant colour, using textured cushions and throws in zesty lemon and orange, which are cosy, yet fun!  
We bought modern black, cream & grey furniture for the bedrooms, then added decorative metallic mirrors, roman blinds, stylish lighting, and used mirrored wardrobes to bounce light round the bedrooms. Our fourth bedroom is currently a gym! We may add some feature wallpaper in the bedrooms later, once the plaster has dried out fully.



Customer homes | Create Homes
Customer homes | Create Homes

Q. How have you styled your bathrooms?

We love the design of the bathroom and ensuites in our 3-bathroom home. The master bathroom is bright and spacious, and we specified floor to ceiling Porcelanosa tiling in the ensuites. We love the variety of tile designs and layouts in each of the bathrooms. We have added a wood-effect storage unit in the family bathroom, stylish simple blinds, towel wall shelves and designer mirrors & cabinets, but kept the look generally sleek and minimal.





Q. Can you describe the design choices in your dining room?

We have travelled a lot, so sprinkled throughout our home, particularly in our dining room, we have displayed lots of unique decoration pieces we have picked up on our holidays, filling the space with fond memories. Most of the furniture in this room was from our last home. We love the brown and white colour scheme and warmth of the wood. The glass table works well in this space, keeping it feeling bright and uncluttered and the brown dining chairs tone well with the wood.
Tony and Sharon were happy to show us round their beautiful home, but did not wish to be photographed.



Tony & Sharon's home will be featured in the next issue of Create Homes Magazine.

“We are really impressed by the design of the exterior of our Create Home and just love its layout and flow.”  - TONY & SHARON


Why we chose Create Homes

Experienced house buyers and renovators Tony and Sharon tell us why the chose Create Homes. 
Q. What did you like about the design of the homes at The Sandpipers?
We were first attracted to the traditional look of the beautiful exterior of our new Whittingham home and chose Create Homes initially because of the handsome façades. We were really impressed with the fact that most of the pipe work you would normally see on the exterior of a home, is concealed, giving a more aesthetically pleasing look from the outside. 
Q. What impressed you about the Whittingham show home in particular?
We were really impressed by The Whittingham show home at Create Homes' Sandpipers development and that is why we chose that house type. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom property was just the right size and style we were looking for and ticked all our boxes in relation to quality specification, architectural design, layout and garden space, along with the benefit of a detached garage. The property has such great flow.
Q. Create Homes build in semi-rural locations. What attracted you to Longridge?
The location was perfect, close to family and the countryside, whilst being in a dark sky area. It is perfect for our hobby of star-gazing, as well as giving us access to unlimited walking trails for our little dog Tia.
Q. Tell us what you think about our Customer Service and your experience in general?
Like all Create Homes developments, The Sandpipers is beautiful in so many ways, from the stunning looking properties to the countryside location. With Sales Executive Gill’s amazing in-put, you’ve got the perfect combination. We are so happy in our new home.



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