22nd November 2022

Create Homes Little Book of Christmas is launched

Our latest inspirational publication is here! Explore the top TWELVE seasonal decoration and gifting trends in our new Little Book of Christmas magazine.


INSIDE OUR LITTLE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS: From classic red & white, sophisticated black & gold, to all the colours of the rainbow, we present TWELVE of the most on-trend home decoration & gifting themes to inspire you this Christmas.

There are plenty of ways to make your home unique this Christmas, so take a look through the pages of our little magazine and get inspired. If you want to buy a specific item, details of where you can buy the products are included.

Whatever trend you go for, the team at Create Homes wishes you a wonderful holiday and all the very best for the New Year!

We hope you enjoy our little guide - explore the pages on our digital edition, below.


  1. TREND 1: Christmas Wreaths
  2. TREND 2: Red & white Christmas decorations
  3. TREND 3: Add a touch of gold to your Christmas table
  4. TREND 4: Black Christmas decorations
  5. TREND 5: All the colours of the rainbow
  6. TREND 6: Christmas characters
  7. TREND 7: Cute animal decorations
  8. TREND 8: Personalise your Christmas giving
  9. TREND 9: Gorgeous Christmas candles
  10. TREND 10: Festive bedrooms
  11. TREND 11: Christmas wrapping
  12. TREND 12: Sparkly accessories

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